Trump Collaborators of Philly


The Trump administration and GOP are not forwarding their agenda on their own. Over the past several months, it has become increasingly clear that most powerful corporations and ultra-rich individuals are cozying up to Trump. Some (like private prison operators and the banks that finance them) will profit directly off of the Trump agenda’s racist and xenophobic policies. Others (like our hometown company Comcast)  are eager to take advantage of opportunities for deregulation, privatization, and tax cuts–policies that will enrich them at the expense of everyone else.

Here in Philadelphia, many of our local power brokers have ties to the Trump administration. Some have donated large sums to his campaign and inauguration committees. Others are hoping to capitalize on Trump’s “pro-business” agenda. And a couple are even heading to Washington DC to work in Trump’s White House.

The following page details how some Philadelphia corporations and business executives are collaborating with Trump and his agenda. Click on a collaborator’s name to see more information or scroll to the bottom of this page for the full text including citations.

See here for a map of where to find Philly’s top Trump collaborators

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