Brian Roberts, Comcast Corporation

Brian Roberts is the Chairman and CEO of Comcast Corporation. Comcast is collaborating with and benefitting from the Trump agenda in several ways. In January, Comcast contributed $250,000 to Trump’s inaugural fundraising committee. On Comcast’s first investor call after the presidential election, Roberts signaled that his company was excited to collaborate with the Trump administration on deregulation that would prove to be profitable for Comcast, saying, “We’re looking forward to working with the new administration and the new regulatory leaders to try to frame something that’s good for consumers and give us a stable platform that we can invest and I think should allow us to accelerate both business opportunities.” Trump and the GOP’s corporate-friendly regulatory environment paid off big for Comcast very soon after that call, when the Congressional GOP voted to rollback Obama-era regulations that prohibited internet service providers, including Comcast, from storing and selling their users’ browsing histories without their consent. The vote was widely criticized as a prime example of Congress bowing to pressure from corporate donors to pass legislation that is solely for corporate benefit, at the expense of everyone else.

Address: 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd, Comcast Center

Phone number: (215) 286-1700, Comcast Center

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