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A poster that says "stop unfair evictions" with a hand-drawn house.
Fighting for Housing during COVID-19

Fighting for Housing During COVID-19 By Shanayah Wyche, Philly We Rise Intern Nearly 20% of US renters were unable to pay rent for the month of May. In April, one in three renters defaulted on payments. With the massive loss of employment, workers and families across the country are struggling to make ends meet. In Philadelphia, our city

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A Call For Respect: Philly Workers Take Action in the Wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has revealed just how broken our country’s social safety nets are. Millions of Americans are struggling to navigate our country’s inadequate health and labor systems. In the midst of this intense moment, communities have come together to build powerful and large-scale organizing campaigns to support those who are the hardest hit. We’d like to take a moment to focus in on how Philadelphia workers are uniting and organizing during this unprecedented time.

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Philly We Rise Dives Into the Issues

We are so excited to announce our latest initiative, Philly We Rise Power Series, a collection of articles diving into some of the most prominent issues in Philadelphia, from gun violence to rent control to immigration. In this series, we analyze the issues, speak with the organizations at the helm of the fights and let you

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