Philly We Rise Dives Into the Issues

We are so excited to announce our latest initiative, Philly We Rise Power Series, a collection of articles diving into some of the most prominent issues in Philadelphia, from gun violence to rent control to immigration. In this series, we analyze the issues, speak with the organizations at the helm of the fights and let you know how you can get involved. Plus, in an upcoming article we will focus in on the organizing efforts around COVID-19, which has brought to the forefront some of our nation’s weaknesses around accessible and affordable healthcare, workers’ rights and the availability to take time off, and internet access and the digital divide.

We launched this project in response to your feedback from the Philly We Rise community survey. We heard you when you asked for more information about the issues in our communities and how they intersect with local politics.

This work is led by our small team at PWR and our incredible intern. Additionally, it is only possible through collaboration with the movement community in Philadelphia. You can support the ongoing work of Philly We Rise and the Power series by donating.

Please reach out to us here if there’s a topic that you’re curious about and would like us to highlight. We also encourage you to contact us if you’re part of an organization that’s currently working on a campaign in Philadelphia.

Keep your eye out for our first article, coming out soon, about March for Our Lives and their work to combat gun violence in Philadelphia.

Mariam, Philly We Rise Lead

Shanayah, Philly We Rise Intern

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