About Philly We Rise

In these challenging times, we all need to do our part to defend and expand the rights of our communities. Philly We Rise is a hub for taking action on your block, in your neighborhood, in your community, for the world we all deserve. Philly We Rise is independent of any political party or affiliation.

We encourage others to take the lessons and ideas from this platform and share, reuse, and remix.

Philly We Rise is curated and maintained by 215 People’s Alliance.

While Philly We Rise is a broadly open online space there are some important guides to what we do:

  • Philly We Rise supports the wide range of ways people are rising up and envisioning new futures. That includes social, cultural, and artistic strategies along with political ones.
  • Philly We Rise understands that many of the challenges communities face have roots in white supremacy and its many manifestations. We encourage work that addresses the root causes and leads to transformative change.
  • Philly We Rise is not an organization. It is a resource for individuals and organizations. We encourage those looking for what to do, and how to plug in, to use the resources here to get connected to great work already happening.
  • Philly We Rise is independent of any political party. As such we have not included political parties on our organizational list and will not share events convened solely by political parties.
  • Philly We Rise is a resource for the greater Philadelphia region. We will amplify events and organizations with a presence in the Philadelphia Region, South Jersey, and Delaware.
  • Philly We Rise will work to verify the information we share. We will try our best to confirm that there are real people behind the events and organizations we share. However, movements are made of people, and people aren’t perfect, so we can’t guarantee that everything we share is 100% accurate.

If you have something to add to the site, input or feedback, please let us know.

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