Eric Foss, Aramark

Eric Foss is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Aramark. Aramark is a prison profiteer corporation; it operates commissaries, laundry facilities, kitchens, and facility management for more than 500 prisons in the United States. Aramark’s Healthcare and Correctional Services Businesses generate approximately $2.4 billion in annual revenue. Earlier this year, Aramark won a three-year, $154 million food-procurement and management contract for 26 PA state correctional facilities. Aramark is therefore poised to profit from Trump’s promises to crack down on crime and “illegal immigration”– which translate into putting more people behind bars. Foss is also a member of the Business Roundtable, the Jamie Dimon- headed corporate trade group that is looking to re-make itself into an influential powerhouse in the Trump era in order to take full advantage of Trump’s “pro-business agenda.”

Address: 1101 Market Street, Aramark Global headquarters

Phone number: (937) 660-4708


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