6 Ways to Fight Trump in Philly in 2017

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States. It is also home to powerful community with a deep history of organizations and leaders who fight for justice and make Philly a place where everyone can thrive. In the face of whatever adversity the Trump administration brings in 2017, we must rise on our blocks, in our neighborhoods and in our city, and build alternatives together.

Here are ways to take action in Philly in 2017:

1. Get out in the streets with family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens.

Remember Dr. King’s legacy with the Reclaim MLK March on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, join the thousands of women marching across the country to speak out against president-elect Trump following his inauguration, stand up to protect health care access, or take the young people in your life to the Philly Kids Solidarity Rally.

  • Our First Stand to Save Healthcare Sunday, Jan. 15 @ 1 PM at Temple U. Hospital (3401 N. Broad Street
    This rally to fight cuts to the lifesaving provisions of the Affordable Care Act will take place at Temple University Hospital
  • MLK DARE March Monday, Jan. 16 @ 11 AM
    This march to reclaim Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy steps off from the President’s House at 6th and Market at 11 AM
  • Philly Kids Solidarity Rally Wednesday, Jan. 18 @ 4 PM at the Liberty Bell
    Join young people, their families and friends to rally and march for our future!
  • Women’s March on Philly Saturday, Jan. 21 @ 10 AM on the Ben Franklin Parkway
    Unite with over 150 cities around the world marching for women’s rights and gender equality


2. Learn how to practice civil disobedience and other kinds of nonviolent direct action

Several groups around Philly are also holding trainings so we can be prepared to stand up to Trump from day 1.

  • Nonviolent Direct Action Training Sunday, Jan. 15 @ 6 PM at the Second Baptist Church of Germantown
    The first training in POWER’s 100 Days of Faithful Resistance series. (Currently at capacity, but waitlist signup is available)
  • Escalating Political Resistance: Tactics for Racial Justice Saturday, Jan. 28 @ 11 AM at Repair the World (4029 Market Street)
    Join movement leaders from Philly REAL Justice, the Black and Brown Workers’ Collective, and Philly War Tax Resistance for this workshop on resistance tactics that work.
  • Training for Change Trainings Ongoing 
    Join Training for Change at one of their many workshops in the coming months on topics including creative workshop design and whites confronting racism.


3. Join the movement to make our schools better for young people and their families

The Trump administration poses a dramatic threat to schools and classrooms that already struggle in a system that undervalues teachers and underestimates the importance of schools as vital spaces of community, growth and education for young people and their families. Help make schools positive places where young people and their families can be safe, celebrate themselves and each other, and learn about who they are.


4. Help make Philly a city that protects and welcomes all of its residents

The Trump campaign heightened xenophobia in the United States to record levels, and has promised his administration will deport millions. But targeted immigration enforcement and racial profiling is nothing new in the United States, and longtime Philly organizations that work to keep families and communities together are rising up to protect people under the Trump administration. Come together with the New Sanctuary Movement for the People’s Inauguration, or volunteer for their Sanctuary in the Streets program, which responds to immigration raids in real time. Pressure our politicians to protect undocumented community members and ask local business owners to explicitly denounce racial profiling.


5. Learn the best ways to pressure politicians, or run for office yourself

Trump can’t get anything done if other people in government don’t let him. American democracy is set up with checks and balances, so put pressure on state and local politicians to check the president’s power, or learn how to run for local office yourself!


6. Get creative through art, music, writing and dance

Resistance isn’t only accomplished through marches and petitions — art is a critical part of movement building. Join writers, dancers, painters, performers, and more in resisting through creativity.

  • JVP and Dancing for Justice Philly Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 11 AM at the Whole Shebang (1813 South 11th Street)
    Join JVP and Lela Aisha Jones of Dancing For Justice Philly for a movement class and discussion responding to the current state of the world.
  • No Justice No Peace Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 6 PM at the ICA
    Join the ICA for a “panel discussion regarding the current state of police brutality, prison abolition, and critical resistance. There will be a DJ (Rashid Zakat), live screen printing, and a light installation.”
  • Collective Action Art Auction Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 6 PM at 990 Spring Garden Street
    Join Collective Action for “A silent art auction to raise money for 10 local and national social justice organizations that will be on the front lines during Trump’s presidency.”
  • Writers Resist Sunday, Jan. 15 @ 2 PM at the National Museum of American Jewish History
    Join writers resisting all across the United States.
  • Inauguration Week Open Art  Jan. 16-19 with Spiral Q at Various Locations
    Join Spiral Q making art to support various protests and actions across the city.
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