COVID-19 Philadelphia Area Resources for Pregnancy, Birth, Early Parenting


This list is a work-in-progress to serve as a central place for pregnant and postpartum families in the Greater Philadelphia Area to find links to resources for in-person and virtual services, classes and supports during this time of social distancing. This is a stressful time for everyone but particularly for folks who are pregnant, due to give birth soon or have newborns. Recognizing inequities in access and resources, technology and innovations can help keep people connected and offer alternative ways for many people to still get care and support.

Resource includes info on:
– Doulas
– Hospital Policies about support people
– Midwives – Homebirth Services, Virtual or In-person Prenatal and Postpartum Care
– Info/Resources/Calls for Support
– Lactation Support
– Childbirth, Infant Care, or Breastfeeding Classes/Support Groups offered virtually
– Virtual or In-person Mental Health support
– Meals, Baby supplies, WIC etc.
– Other Care Providers (Chiros, Acupuncture, Herbalists etc)
– Online/Virtual Pregnancy/Parent friendly Movement Classes or Services-yoga, pilates, etc
– Advocacy, Organizing
– Tips for Accessing Government Benefits and Services (WIC, SNAP, etc)
– Links to other local lists
– National Resources about COVID-19 & Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding & Infants
– Talking to Kids about COVID-19

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