Supporting musicians and live professionals during COVID-19


We compiled a list of resources for musicians and live music professionals during COVID-19, as well as ways fans can support artists right now.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we realize that each week is wildly different from the last. It’s difficult to keep up with the changing protocols, cancelations, closures—and it’s even more difficult to wrap your head around how quickly the virus is spreading and what can be done—which is why She Shreds plans to act as a major resource in supporting the music community during this time.

Since the acceleration of COVID-19, we’ve seen how our community is actively supporting one another. From mutual aid on social media to crowdfunding and blooming resource lists, to companies like Moog and Korg offering synthesizer apps for free, the music industry is coming together while also respecting the necessity of canceling live performances for the time being.

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