Weekly Smile Virtual Program

Mutual Aid

Time Out’s Weekly Smile program connects volunteer college students with older adults who can’t leave the house often due to health conditions and precautions with COVID-19. Students help by fostering connections and devoting their talent, compassion, patience, and curiosity to virtually spend time with older adults once a week. Students and elders can share stories and advice, work together on art projects, and connect on other common interests. Weekly connections can occur through video or phone calls. For older adults with family caregivers, the time students spend with them allow for needed breaks for caregivers. All services with Weekly Smile are free of charge.

For older adults who want support, use the Apply link or click here.

For college students who want to help, the volunteer form is here.

If you have any client specific questions or want to learn more about the program please reach out to: megan.kalafsky@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

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