Donate to the #PhillyWeRise Election Coverage Fund

If there is any lesson learned from recent elections it’s that the best chance to make real progressive gains is with a well-mobilized resistance pushing for it. That’s why we need you to donate to a new fund to power news and information for upcoming elections through Philly We Rise.

The next major moment is in front of us. Key local, state and federal elections are fast approaching, with the 2018 primary elections less than 12 months away. We need your help to make sure Philly We Rise is there for the moment.

We’re launching a new fund for political news and coverage supporting candidates and pushing the issues that the resistance believes in: racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, gender justice, reproductive rights and immigrant rights. To make it work we need to raise new funds so that Philly We Rise can support progressive candidates and oppose the little Trumps of our region.

If you want Philly We Rise to be your source for what’s happening in the local elections that will define the second half of Trump’s presidency, donate to our special Philly We Rise Election Coverage Fund.

Thank you for trusting Philly We Rise to be your hub for the resistance.

[1] Tax exempt charitable non-profits are prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for elections. The Philly We Rise Election Coverage Fund is housed by 215 People’s Alliance C4 so your donation can go to Philly We Rise taking a stand through the mid-terms. Contributions to the Election Coverage Fund are not tax deductible.

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