Hurricane Ida in Philadelphia, What to Do Next

Photo of the Youth Climate Strike in 2019.

On Wednesday night, Hurricane Ida passed through Philadelphia and the Northeast causing widespread flooding, power outages, and damage. Here’s a short resource list that includes some ways to get support, help others, and take action against future climate catastrophes. 

Get & Give Support:

The Inquirer has created this useful resource guide on how to deal with the aftermath of the storm. It includes safety tips, road closure and public transit delay updates, help center information, government and school closures, and guidance on what to do if your house was flooded. They have also built out this list of ways to help that includes a breakdown of Philadelphia-area, Louisiana-based, and national organizations that are providing support to those who have been affected. 

We also encourage you to donate to Spiral Q, a Philly organization that uses creativity and art to support the fight for strong and equitable communities. Spiral Q has lost the vast majority of its art, signs, and puppetry collection in the floods. This includes over 2,000 pieces that represent 25 years of personal and collective stories. They have also lost office, studio equipment and materials. They are asking for donations to help over the cost of the damages and to support them in finding a forever home. Here is the link to donate.

Take Action against Future Catastrophes:

Hurricane Ida was a reminder of the global climate crisis that is raging and the vital need to take action now to slow down climate change. There are many vibrant organizations in Philadelphia that are fighting to impact local and national climate policies. We encourage you to check them out and get involved in this crucial work. Here is an inexhausitve list of some of the local organizations: 

  • Earth Quaker Action Team – A grassroots, nonviolent action group that is fighting for a just and sustainable economy. They have been campaigning for a change in PECO’s dangerous policies.
  • Philly Thrive – A South Philadelphia-based organization that fought to shutdown the PES Oil Refinery. In 2020 after a massive fire at PES, they succeeded in demanding a permanent closure. They are now working to secure a complete clean-up of the land, dignified jobs and investment in the surrounding neighborhood. Join them. They have a new member orientation on Saturday, September 11th at 2pm. 
  • Sunrise Movement Philadelphia – A movement of young people calling for an end to climate change. Sign up to join here.
  • POWER Climate Justice – An interfaith organization of people fighting against environmental racism and for a move to green jobs and renewable, affordable energy.
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