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UPDATE: June 11th, 2020:  Your pressure is working. Because of you, Mayor Kenney and City Council have agreed to cut at least $19 million from the proposed Philadelphia Police budget. But with a budget of over $750 million, this is just a down payment. Before budget season ends, tell Mayor Kenney and City Council to cut another $120 million from the police budget – the amount it has increased over the Kenney administration. And continue to defund the PPD by $25 million every year after and use that money to invest in community-centered public safety: homeless services, mental health services, housing and education.

Where to reallocate the money: Philly movement organizations have been pushing demands for meaningful investment in Black lives and the community – from housing to full city services, and taxing the rich to pay for it. Find out more about those issues at

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The City of Philadelphia has proposed a $14 million dollar budget increase for the Philadelphia Police Department’s $760 million dollar budget, at a time when the libraries are getting an over $9 million dollar cut, our homeless services are getting an over $12 million dollar cut, our Parks and Recreation budget is getting an almost $13 million dollar cut, our public health is getting an over $8 million dollar cut, our public defenders face a 4% cut and major staffing shortfall, and the City is entirely eliminating the $4 million budget for arts and culture in our city.

The City budget is proposed and spent by the Mayor, Jim Kenney.

Approval of the budget is dependent on a vote by a majority of Philadelphia’s 17-member City Council.

The budget process during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order has happened entirely online, with drastically limited public comment and little ways to hold our elected officials accountable.

Demand Philadelphia defund police! No cuts to city services! And also demand they reschedule their canceled budget hearing on the police, open a public testimony segment where we can tell Council directly why we need to #DefundThePolice, and meet with leaders and community to discuss these issues directly with their constituents!

With few other routes to reach decision-makers, below are the email addresses to contact the Mayor, the Managing Director, every Councilmember, and their legislative staff.

City Council Members

City’s Managing Director – Brian

Mayor of Philadelphia – Jim

*If you are having trouble using the “Email Them All” function you can copy and paste the email addresses below:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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