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Resource List

As the Trump Administration continues to incite violence, promote fascist ideals across the nation and send militarized forces in Black and brown communities, our people need monetary, legal and medical assistance as they fight for justice.  We have compiled a list of local and national resources for individuals looking to donate, support from the movement from home, or find emotional support. We will update this list as we receive additional resources. The fight for liberation continues.

How to Fight from Home

Support the movement for Black lives from home by signing petitions, emailing elected officials, sharing resources, educating friends and family, and donating.  

Demand that Philadelphia #DefundThePolice and invest in Black communities:

Demand justice for recent victims of police violence:

Protest Recommendations

Prepare before you hit the streets! Here are a few useful protest guides: 

Legal Support

Here are some of the organizations providing legal support to protesters.

Arrest Support

Bail Support

General Support 

Mental Health Resources

As you take action and hit the streets, we recommend healing, self-perseveration, and connecting yourself or others to mental health recourses:

Political Education Resources

Staying informed on practices, theories, and organizations that have guided the fight for police abolition and Black liberation is crucial in understanding moments of revolutionary shifts. Here is a starter list of articles, essays, and resources that can further your political education.